Many people struggle to activate their gluteal muscles while running, jumping or performing athletic activities. Turning on these muscles and “priming” the body to utilize the glutes in its normal neuromuscular programming is helpful in improving alignment and reducing injury potential.  The band rotation exercises cue external rotation with the resistance pulling the knees toward one another.

Activating these muscles prior to doing multi-joint lifts, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. is beneficial in promoting optimal activation/stabilization in order to control excessive pronation with deceleration and eccentric training. The rotations can easily be added to the dynamic movement prep or even used as part of the normal training program. I also like to use them prior to incorporating side stepping and forward/backward walks with the bands.

The video below is one I created as part of my Functionally Fit series for PFP Magazine.  It is a staple in our rehab programs and movement prep routines for our athletes at EXOS Athletes’ Performance at Raleigh Orthopaedic as well.