The longer I train (myself) and my clients, the more and more I gravitate to bodyweight and bodyweight plus training.  Why?  Namely because I find people struggle to control their bodies in space against gravity.  No matter what sport or work task people need to complete, they must be able to move, stabilize, and resist and apply force effectively with respect to their body.

I also find myself looking to integrate systemic, progressive and kinetic chain based core strengthening exercises for maximal efficacy.  The lack of proper core stability and strength will often leave the back and other limbs of the body vulnerable to unwanted force dissipation.  That means increased chance for injury. 

Adding a stability ball (when you are ready) to abdominal exercises will add spice to your routine and surely FIRE UP your core too!  In today’s post, I want to share some pics of core based training related to my most recent column in PFP Magazine.  Before I share one of my favorite ball exercises with you, consider the following pre-requesite steps before attempting this particular exercise:

  • Master floor based planks
  • Master static stability ball planks
  • Master static holds in hand supported plank position (balance/stability)

Pictured below is the stability ball ab circles.  This is great exercise for shoulder stability training and core activation.  Trust me when I say you will feel it after 10 good slow reps.


Ab Circle to the Left


Ab Circle to the Right


 Click the image below to check out my column on how to execute the stability ball ab circles.

brian_columnI have used Thera-Band Stability balls for years and love them.  If you are looking to add a stability ball to your training tool box, click on the stabilityball images below to grab your very own today.  The 55 cm ball works great for the ab circles for most people.  Enjoy!