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Halo Trainer

I recently received a Halo Trainer from Bryce Taylor, its inventor and program director.  I am fortunate enough to test and sample many new products related to fitness and rehab.  Many of them are one dimensional, full of fluff or new takes on an old product. This product really delivers for those in the rehab and fitness worlds.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this product review or paid to endorse this product.  I simply love what it has to offer. The Halo Trainer offers countless training possibilities for so many people despite their backgrounds and abilities.

In fact, here is an excerpt from the Halo Trainer website:

Halo Training currently consists of 4 levels of difficulty for functional bodyweight training.   We all know that people have various levels of strength, flexibility, coordination, etc. so we at Halo Rehab & Fitness believe that individuals should not be performing the same exercises.  Although it is always to goal to increase the challenge, it is not always appropriate.  Sometimes an exercise can be advanced and other times an exercise needs to be made a little easier to meet the specific level of the individual.

For this reason, the Halo training development team has created four distinct levels of difficulty based on scientific principles. Our team has created levels of difficulty for over 300 exercises so that you can create a specific progressive individualized program to maximize bodyweight training.  Just pick a starting level and progress to the next level when you are able to complete the challenges of your current level.

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Today’s blog post is about an observation and fundamental tenet of my practice today as a sports physical therapist and fitness professional. Having been in the business of rehabbing and training the human body for 15 years, I feel qualified to say I know a thing or two about training and exercise.

Perhaps one of the greatest pearls I can pass along as it relates to being a health and fitness professional involves the art of teaching. You see, I have witnessed firsthand the desire people have to attain knowledge when it comes to their bodies. Just look at how quickly and often people take the web in search of answers from the latest ab workout to the source of and remedy to their every ache and pain.

We live in a society of information overload. Unfortunately, the web, YouTube, FB, Twitter and so on give just about anyone a stage to philosophize and sound off as an “expert.” Many people who claim to know how to “train” you for this and that have little to no real world experience doing it, nor do they possess enough pre-requesite knowledge to truly be considered an expert.


I find many people mistakenly look for what they perceive to be the most “in” or “intense” training they can find, as they believe this is the way to finally meet their goals. In reality, what they should be seeking is someone interested in teaching them how to better understand their own body and how to apply the proper training principles to it in order to bring about the desired result they are so desperately seeking.

Training typically involves putting together drills, workouts or routines to challenge clients physically. Teaching, on the other hand, is centered on educating clients how to listen to their bodies and use that feedback to appropriately adjust physical loads and exercise programming to avoid injury and make positive physical adaptations.

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In the previous post I discussed the importance of integrating single leg squats to improve strength and running performance. Today, I will reveal 3 different variations of single leg stability ball training to increase hip drive, acceleration, and overall running economy.

In addition, these exercise can be used for hamstring strengthening, rehab and speed enhancement for any athletes. The three exercises are as follows:

  1. Straight leg bridge lift
  2. Straight leg bridge with leg curl
  3. Knee bent bridge lift

All three are very effexctive for improving strength and performance.  The best part is that using the stability ball adds an element of stabilization and core training as well.  I think you will find this is truly the best way to train your hamstrings independently if your goal is improved running performance.  If the stability ball is too challenging at first, you can opt to do the straight leg and knee bent bridge lifts with the support leg on the floor.  Click on the video below to view the exercises.

Well, today is Thanksgiving.  It should be a relaxing time to get together with loved ones and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  I know 2008 has been full of triumphs for me personally and professioanlly speaking.  It has also had its challenges.  I am thankful for both as I reflect back on the year.

Oddly enough, I believe the challenges often lead to the most growth even though they can be very painful.  I feel so blessed to get up every day and help make the lives of others better through my fitness programs and knowledge about injury prevention and rehab.  So, thanks ot all of my clients and customers for putting your faith in me.  You only have one body on this earth, and making it the best body should be a goal shared by all.

With that said, I promised an update about my new e book.  As advertised, you can grab a copy online at for only $19.95 from now until Sunday November 30.  This is half price!  Take advantage of this special Holiday offer.  I think it has great content that will help anyone has shoulder issues and/or plays golf.  You can get a sample online prior to buying if you like.

I look forward to hearing what people think.  If you have questions or comments, please send them to   I have included another photo from the manual below.  This exercise is one of my preferred core strengthening exercises.  Lots more fun ones in the manual too. 


3 Point Plank

3 Point Plank


Be sure to tell all your golfing friends and family about the site even if you do not golf so they can test drive the book risk free for 60 days.  Now go enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!