I was asked to comment on a thought provoking blog post on MyPhyscialTherapySpace.com.  There is ongoing discussion with respect to the exact role a therapist should play in the continuum of care for patients.  I enjoyed reading the posts on there and I have posted my reply on my blog for you to see (not to mention the fact the blog site would not let me post my entire repsonse in a single comment).  To read the original post click the link below:


Now my comments…….

I would say as a cash based practitioner currently living in the sports performance and post-rehab fitness realm (I own a fitness training facility), I would say that many of my therapy colleagues do not truly understand how to push and/or fully rehabilitate people to a high enough level that meets the pre-injury functional capacity.

I often see referrals that have already failed traditional rehab or are getting inadequate therapy.  Why?  In many cases, PT’s are following basic protocols, not supervising exercise progression closely enough, moving too slowly or in some cases (ACL rehab) moving too fast.  I also find clinicians are often hesitant or perhaps unwilling to change treatment progressions within the sessions, reps or sets even if the client’s response to the stimulus indicates such a change.

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