It is clear that our society loves shoes and fashion.  The problem is that fashion often does not equate to good function.  Keep in mind your feet set the tone for the rest of your body’s biomechanics so it stands to reason that one would want to pay close attention to their foot structure and use the RIGHT shoes more often than not.


I treat and evaluate lots of runners on a weekly basis.  I use the FMS, selective testing and gait analysis to help them resolve mechanical issues, overuse problems and improve running efficiency.  However, when it comes to making footwear choices, I can only counsel them on what is best.flip-flops2

Recently, I wrote a column for Endurance Magazine on the impact of high heels and flip flops as it relates to injury risk.  At the end of the piece, I give some exercises to address shortened muscles and soft tissue.  I think all women who enjoy running (symptomatic or not) should give this a read.  Click here to read the article.